Help Your Teen Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol

Many teens drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes. All of these substances can harm your teen’s brain. Teens can become addicts more quickly than adults. Teen drinkers can have problems learning. Drugs like Ecstasy and Meth can cause depression.





You Can Help:

• Explain to your teen how the teen brain works and that it is extremely sensitive to alcohol,
  drugs, and tobacco. Work together to identify risky situations and possible consequences.
• Practice ways to avoid risks, particularly under pressure from peers.
• Be sure your teen knows how you feel about drugs and alcohol and be consistent in what you do to
  reinforce these values.
• Learn about the drugs that teens are using in your area. Talk with your teen about these drugs.
• Lock up drugs your doctor gives you. Get rid of old drugs you don’t use.
• Find out what students learn at school about drinking and drug use. Make sure your teen’s school addresses
  both of these issues.
• Spend time with your teen. Teens who feel close to their parents are less likely to drink or use drugs.