Help Your Teen Get Lots of Sleep

Sleep is very important for teens and their growing brains. During these years, major changes occur in the sleep centers of the brain. The brain releases a chemical that makes teens get sleepy two hours later than when they were children. Teens do not feel tired until later at night and have a harder time waking up early.
The chemicals that control teen sleep patterns also help to build important brain connections. Teens need over nine hours of sleep every night.




Here Are Ways You Can Help Your Teen Get More Sleep:

• Talk about why teens need more sleep. Sleep helps to build a stronger, smarter brain. Sleep helps to lower
  stress. Sleep helps with memory. Teens who get more sleep do better in school.
• Help your teen plan for time to sleep. Sleeping in on the weekend can be a good thing!
• Talk about ways to relax before going to bed. That means no video games, no heavy exercise, and no coffee,
  soda, or energy drinks late at night.